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DDP Ep 5 - Aftercare

The Daddy Dom Podcast Episode 5 - Aftercare


  Hi beautiful.  This  episode is about something that's close to my heart.  Something that is  required  by all daddy doms.  Something that's needed. Something that should never ever, ever be missed.  No matter how hard our playtime or how soft our playtime is,  the next Part of that  brings it all together, brings it all home,  no matter how aggressive  or rough  I've been, no matter how I've used you,  marked your skin, and made you a quivering mess.


Yes,  aftercare  is the most important part.  It shows that I  appreciate what you've given me,  that  I care about you, that I don't want anything to happen to you, and that you are my most prized possession. 


The intimacy  of that cuddle time,  that sweet embrace,  that sweet embrace, that sweet embrace.  Forehead kisses,  caressing those places that were marked,  tantalizing your skin and just  holding you close,  keeping you safe, knowing that  no matter how I've used you,  for my pleasure and for yours,  you are mine. 


Aftercare gives us that safe place.  That place that only you and I have.  That place where you can feel like  the world  doesn't matter  and you are only mine.  Aftercare just doesn't give the  Sensation or feeling that you are loved and cared.  It gives the  emotional support that you've been a good girl for your daddy. 


That's important.  It's important for a daddy dom to show  his little one  how much he appreciates  you.  It may seem subtle  or insignificant, but let me tell you,  it's the most important part.  At least it is to me.  It allows me to  truly show  that I am your protector. I am your safe place. I am  yours  and you are mine.


To have, to hold,  to feel,  to love, and to care for,  and after all you've given me in our playtime,  you deserve it.  We deserve this time to  snuggle,  cuddle, caress,  listen to our breathing, our heartbeats,  that You  that close.  Caress your skin where I marked you the most,  hmm,  and tell you that it's okay and that you've been a good girl for daddy. 


Reinforce that you are  mine.  And I love that time.  I love that time together.  After all the roughhousing and tossing around and  furious fucking,  just the way we like it,  it's important, so meaningful to me,  to hold you in my arms nice and close, so close you can feel my heartbeat. 


And that's the connection. That's where it really dives deep,  the aftercare,  the showing, the appreciation, and the love  and the care  that I feel for you,  for all you have given me,  and I know you give it to me freely.  And I know I take it from you sometimes, 


but I want you to know, during that time, while I stroke your hair,  and give you forehead kisses,  and give you all the praises of being such a good girl,  that this is the most important time for me.  It makes me feel  proud.  To have you as my little girl,  to give you comfort  and safety  and appreciation and affirmation  that you are mine and always will be. 


I've recorded a small audio just for aftercare.  Just the sounds of the breathing.  The low tones of um, and the cuddles and the  snuggles  just for you,  because you deserve it,  because you're my good girl,  and I hope you feel the same,  safe, comforted,  that you've done a good job and been a good girl for your daddy. 


So snuggle up.  Get close  and have some just  soft  soothing aftercare  with your daddy  and drift off to sleep. 


Sweet dreams, baby girl.  Sweet dreams. 

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