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DDP Ep 4 - Lust

The Daddy Dom Podcast Episode 4 - Lust


  Lust.  Unbridled lust. 


Now that is something  that I have found within a DDLJ or DS.  Connection is  unparalleled.  Truly,  the absolute desire, sexual desire, for your little or your sub.  is unprecedented, in my view.  It has been the best sexual experience I've ever had.  And that lust, it comes out sometimes where I just want to ravage you,  take you,  own you,  make you remember  that you are mine. 


And by doing so,  I feel  that it makes you  feel  like the sexiest little girl on earth.  Because all I want is to pour out all my  primal sexual lust  into what I behold before me.  You. 


Yeah, baby  girl. It's all you.  My lust is driven by you. And sometimes I just can't help myself.  I've gotta take you and fuck you. And just own you.  Throw you around on the bed, take you whenever I want. Because just looking at you.  Knowing  how you feel in my hands,  knowing how it feels with my cock inside you, I want more and more and more and  I just can't help myself. 


I just have to  fuck you  in any way I want to. And  that's lust. I found  is so strong  in a DS DDLG relationship,  like I've never felt before.  Just the thought  of it,  you know, just 


makes daddy hard,  but  conversely to that,  we always talk about both sides of how it makes me feel as a daddy.  And how it makes you feel, as a little or a sub.  It must be quite empowering to know that  you are the object of my desire.  It makes you feel desirable,  irresistible to me,  and ultimately so sexy  that you are the one I have eyes for,  the one I want to feed on. 


The one I want to use as my little fuck toy and just pour all my sex into you.  It's one of the ways that in a DS connection it makes  you feel sexy,  like you're the only thing I want,  which is true.  And there are different ways I show that lust.  Fucking you like my slutty little fuck toy  or my special little princess. 


Either way,  it's me showing how much  I want you, I need you,  and I want to fuck you every goddamn day.  All of you.  All of it.  It's just so intense.  I can barely explain it,  but when I see you,  um, and when we're just walking around the house or whatever, and I gaze over at you,  you are the object of my lust,  primal lust. 


I just want to feel  your wrists in my grip.  I want to feel the thrust in and out of you.  I want to pin you, I want to hold you, I want to squeeze you, I want to kiss you, I want to bite,  all of that, I just go crazy  for that connection,  that  DS connection, that dom sub connection, because I also know that you  are getting Just as much of a thrill and a connection out of me wanting you,  wanting your sex, wanting your body,  wanting to dominate you,  and you love it just as much as I do and as a Daddy Dom that is important to me to know that you are getting just as much pleasure out of our fucking as I am loving fucking you. 


And I truly love that type of sex.  Your lust,  my lust, that lust, there's no other word to describe it.  That intense feeling where you just have to let go.  Me, just letting go of my  need to care for you and coddle you and just use you and you just letting go of all your inhibitions and giving me your body to use. 


It's a connection beyond no other,  knowing that what I am taking you are willingly giving  because it makes you feel so good.  And it makes me feel so horny.  It's fucking fantastic.  I'm sorry if I'm getting a little 


hot and bothered. But it is  again another important part of that relationship, of that connection, of that scenario, of those times when we're together that  I just need you because you are the sexiest little thing on earth  and one of the reasons why I chose you,  because you can take what I  am going to give.


Yeah, all  of that,  the way it makes me feel to just  take you.  And the way it makes you feel that you want to be taken by me.  That connection is deep,  it's full of trust, understanding,  and a similar kink that we both share. 


I had recorded a few audios  based on that,  and it was hard for me to choose one,  but I found  one that the title just says it all.  You are my lust. You bring out the lust in me.  And that's what little girls should do for their daddies  when they are connected truly. 


So sit back, enjoy.  It slowly ramps up  and it just gets hotter as it goes.  What a perfect scenario.  I love our  lust.  I know you love it too. 

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