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DDP Ep 2 - Listening to Crickets

The Daddy Dom Podcast Episode 1 - About Me - Transcription


  And welcome to the Daddy Dom Podcast. I'll be your host, Ben. You can call me Ben, or you can call me Daddy.  In this podcast, we are going to explore what it is to be a Daddy Dom and the DS relationship and DS sex. There are so many different types of DS relationships and DS sex, and, , we're going to explore those on this journey that I've been having for the last 13 years.


And this is just going to further that.  But I think we're going to start off with me just so you know who I am and where I am coming from. That's how we'll start this first podcast and then we'll go from there and I hope you all stay and enjoy the ride.  So, a little bit about me,  hmm, that's a tough one because I don't like talking about myself too much.


I like talking, but I don't like talking about myself too much, so  I usually do better with a Q& A than  I do with talking about myself.  So I might insert a few Q and A's as we go through the podcast.  I'll start with my journey becoming a,  dom, a daddy dom.  Started about, I'd say close to, geez, 13 years ago,  when I entered a relationship that kind of really opened my eyes to a whole vast thing that was something inside of me that I didn't know was there. 


And this relationship, this person, and this relationship really showed me  the confidence that I was missing, the, hmm, the persona of being a dom, a daddy dom.  And through then from then, it has been a journey, an exploration of what kind of dominant man I am.  And I don't think that reflects in every aspect of my life. 


I am pretty goofy. and pretty fun and, easygoing in my regular life.  I like to make a lot of jokes, inappropriate ones at that, and I'm pretty laissez faire. So I think where my daddy dominance was really shown was within  A relationship or within a sexual relationship,  that's really, really found that I found who I was as a Dom, as a daddy Dom  through that exploration.


I started doing erotic audios under the name of in my hands, you can find all those audios, in my hands audio on a few platforms here and there. I won't tell you, or maybe I'll divulge that later, but this is for the daddy Dom podcast.  And I spent about seven years exploring my own.  type of sexual dominance through  doing these erotic audios. 


Some of them are very soft, like boyfriend, girlfriend, boyfriend experience type of audios where there's cuddling and loving and kind of like a dating scenario or just hanging out on the couch.  All the way to the more  BDSM, aggressive, rough, type sex  scenarios. And through doing all those audios, which now numbers in the thousands plus,  I truly was finding myself. 


And finding others too.  It was a whole new world for me. And finding a community of people, not subs, not just subs, but dominant men as well, doing the same thing I was doing and finding that there were other people who were exploring themselves just like me.  You know, women and men finding out who they are as a sub or a dom. 


And that was so exciting. I felt. I felt. I felt at home. I felt that I really found myself and really truly changed my whole persona and outlook on who I was  being comfortable in the type of Dom that I had become and still am becoming.  I didn't have to be a master or a sir, I didn't have to be  wealthy in a sense of power and things like that.


I just had to show my confidence  of what I wanted, when I wanted, and how I wanted it.  And  there were those out there who needed that. Needed that structure, needed to be told,  needed rules.  And I found I liked doing that as well.  The DS relationship, whether it be a full blown couple, or more than one, or just simply a sexual relationship, requires that. 


Requires a give and take.  And since I'm being a Daddy Dom now,  I like to give. I'm a giver, always have been. And trying to incorporate that into what I thought was a Dhamma and actually found out what actually is a Dhamma was part of that journey.  I could be a giving, nurturing, loving  Dhamma and still  have that firmness.


And  like I said, I explored everything in between.  The relationship side, the,  booty call side,  the, sex with strangers side, you know, couples being together, all the different scenarios that you would have, , different age groups, , all those things that come with that. I guess the nuances of the DS  connection. 


And I hope you enjoy them too.  So here on this podcast, we'll be exploring those things even further, exploring my journey, exploring yours.  And within those scenarios of trying to figure out what the different types and styles of DS relationships there are and sexual relationships, there are,  I'll insert some of my audios that I've done that relate to those as we go.


  So. Another thing about me is I'm a Gemini.  And I have never written anything down.  This is will be a new thing for me of having to structure and having to write things down and having to research things. If anyone has ever been on any of my twitch live. Show is that I've done, I am pretty much all over the place.


I write two or three things down and just go with it. And the same with my audios too. I've never written anything down. I just hit record and whatever's in my head, whatever imagination, whatever scenario, what's ever going on, whatever I'm feeling  just pours out.  So doing this podcast is a bit of a leap for me and I like trying new things.


I like exploring new things. I like, Testing myself to see how far I can do it. The things that I can't do, well, I'm going to do those because it makes you a better person at the end, trying new things. So this will be a new thing for me. So these podcasts will be every Thursday on Spotify and I will have them up a week or two earlier on my Patreon and  I hope you enjoy them as much as I'm going to enjoy them. 


As always, I appreciate your input and your questions and hopefully you hit the like button and welcome to our journey, the daddy Dom podcast. 

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