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DDP Ep 6 - Good Girl

The Daddy Dom Podcast Ep 6 - Good Girl


  I have found that the  terms of endearment and pet names  directly correlate with  acts  and words of praise.  Calling your little one special pet name between the both of you  means that you're connected in a special way more than,  I would say, other relationships.  There are pet names like Princess,  And kitten,  sweetheart,  my little one,  daddy's little girl, or just daddy's girl. 


I love all those names, all those terms of endearment,  and I find those are also words of praise.  They are words that  are special,  just to you, from me.  And that makes you feel like you're my special little girl. There's no one else who has those terms. There's no one else I call my sweetheart,  or my little one,  or my little kitten. 


Just you, from me.  And that in itself  is an act of praise. They let you know you are special. The one for me. You are the one that makes me feel so good. You are the one that I want to be with. That I wanna fuck.  That I wanna care for. That I wanna coddle and cradle and put you up on a pedestal. For everyone to know that you are mine.


My little princess.  My good girl. 


Other,  terms and phrases of praise for your sub that I like to use are,  I'm proud of you.  You've done a good job.  By saying things like, I love what you're not wearing.  You look so cute today. Ah,  baby girl, you are adorable.  And you make me feel so good.  All true.  And all forms of praise.  Outside of that, there are other small things that you can say  to me  that I love too.


Daddy Doms love praise too.  Thank you, Daddy is a big one for me.  Thanking me for  Fucking you this morning, or when you tell me I liked when you did that.  That's affirmation that I'm doing a good job and a mental note to keep doing it more because I only want to please my little one,  make you feel special, make you feel all tingly, give you the best cums and orgasms I can possibly give you. 


And during the act of sex, praise is also so important.  Maybe a little bit more,  hmm, naughty or harsher, but praise just the same.  Like,  you're a perfect whore for daddy.  Daddy's little slut.  My little porn star.  My fuck toy.  And during the act of sex,  I love to give praise. Like your pussy feels so wet, so tight. 


I love my hands on your body.  You feel so good.  I love fucking you.  Those are terms of praise during when we have sex that I love to give you because you make me feel like you are mine, I own you, and I'm going to make you feel so good when we fuck, suck,  and do all the sex things that we love to do together. 


And it reinforces  Our relationship as a D D L G D S relationship.  I also think it's important to have pet names for your Dom.  I prefer Daddy, but there are other ones that are more comfortable for a sub to use, like Sir, or Master,  or Mommy, Madam, Mistress, or My Lady. Doms need to hear those things too.


Again, it's a give and take of pet names that also give praise.  Those are only terms that we share together, you and I, and with no one else.  And that means so much to both of us.  Though out of all those terms,  out of all those acts and words of praise,  there are two words that are the most powerful for a daddy dom. 


and his little girl,  and that is good girl  for me as a daddy, Dom  calling you my good girl,  gives me tingles up and down my spine.  It's like we feed off of that  energy.  I see what it does to you.  For some, it makes you instantly wet.  And puts you into  the beginnings of subspace  and a submissive place. And in return that look back and that feel comes back to me and we just feed off of that. 


And that is usually the beginning or the continuation of something  just purely magical. 


Good girl.  Ah,  just saying it  evokes all the daddy dom  parts of me.  All of them in just two simple words.  Good girl. You are my good girl.  It gives me  the feeling that  you are mine to care for,  you are mine to use.  Your mind to make special  and I see how it makes you feel in all the tingly ways and all the special ways and caring ways  and those two words feed us. 


We feed off of that energy that those two words give. So powerful.  Good girl for me  and for you. 


And it's important for me to tell you that you are my good girl  in everything you do.  The way you take care of me,  the way  you fuck me,  the way you look at me,  the way we hold hands,  the way you let me take care of you,  that's my good girl.  And I want to tell you you're doing a good job and I'm proud of you for everything you're doing,  my good girl. 


Compilation of that favorite phrase that I love to use and that you love to hear,  good girl.  And how at the end,  it makes me feel  to have you as my personal little fuck toy.  Enjoy. 


Daddy's cock feels  so good. Good girl.  Oh, that's my good little girl. Mmm, you like having daddy's cock in your hand?  You are such a good little slut for daddy, aren't you? Yeah. Oh, yeah, make daddy feel good. Mmm,  you're so sexy.  Yeah, that's it, baby girl.  Oh, mother, will you suck daddy's cock?  Yeah, that's it, good girl. 


You're such a good little whore. Daddy's a good little fuck toy.  Oh, a little faster.  That's it.  Good girl.  Yeah, you're my good little girl.  Good little slut.  Oh, yeah, good girl.  Yeah, daddy's good little cocksucker. Good girl.  That's it, good girl.  Oh, that's a good little girl.  Yeah, that's daddy's good little girl.


Fuck that cock. Look at that little slut.  Oh, yeah. Oh. Oh. Oh. Oh. 


Oh.  Oh.  Good girl. Good girl. 


Oh, yeah. Ice coffee feels so good. 




thank you, baby girl. Good girl. 

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